why even bother to run..

^ If you’re not runnin’ HAPPY. (can you see it on the bottom of the glass?)

Ahh. I’m in another one of those kicks where I’m constantly reminded of how much I love running. (Hmm.. that’s been a pretty constant kick since I started running at 12. I guess we can call it permanent by now 😉 ) I’m not saying I’ve never had a run where I was feeling down or upset or angry.. but through running I always manage to acknowledge whatever I’m feeling, accept it, and move on.

Everyone has something out there in the world that can give them that kind of release – no exceptions! Running obviously isn’t key for everyone – maybe for you its yoga, biking, drawing, baking, hiking, dancing, spending time with your dog, or spending time with your kids – whatever it is.. get out there and enjoy it! If you haven’t discovered your passion yet, don’t lose faith. We don’t always get to know God’s plan ahead of time 😀

Let’s jump to some goodies before this turns into a novel:

I give myself an A in stirfryology. These are SO DAMN GOOD! I can’t decide what I like the best.. the baby corn or the mushrooms..

Same glass as the lil [big] guy up top.. it’s lemon/lime/vanilla/fantastic. Glass courtesy of City Of Lakes 25K (this one my mom ran, not me – it was in 2001!)

I donno if I mentioned this before, but I’m going to a PROM :O . One of my best guy friends is still a senior in high school, and he asked if I’d go last Sunday. I said yes of course..! I forgot that it’s kinda fun to dress up every now and then! Anywho.. I bought the dress last night! Funny.. didn’t think I’d be going to another high school dance 🙂

Running today was a blast (as it should be!) I ran down to the lake and met my friend Ali for a loop of Calhoun, so I got 2 tempo, and 3 miles “Ali Pace” 😉 This evening I ran to running club (3 miles) , and we did 4 miles together. The wind was ridiculous today (49 mph according to MPR!) but it was kinda fun. Running TO run club, the wind was at my back the whole time, and I just smiled wide at all the people coming towards me, heads ducked, arms pumping 😀 (haha I had a ride home – didn’t have to do the other side of the lake!). The run we did as a group was an out and back to the Bandshell at Lake Harriet, and luckily we got to take the wind in the face on the way OUT, so coming back was pretty sweet. Hmm.. even sweeter.. that guy I was talking about not too long ago (Mr. Too Old) ran up with me the whole time!

Don’t give props to me – I didn’t take this amazing picture. But seriously – amazing. This is the view across Calhoun at sunset (taken by zanzibar). The picture in my banner is at Harriet. That’s the one thing I’ll miss the most when I move.. Minneapolis has the most amazing lakes and parkways. Maybe I’ll end up back here to raise my family (way.. way.. WAYY down the road).

Have a lovely night ladies & gents. I’m off to make an ice cream float do homework.


9 Responses

  1. hello! I just found your blog and LOVE it! I’ve gotten into running a while ago, and have been training for my first half. I saw that you are from Minnesota! I am moving there at the end of the summer and am wondering how you worked out during the winter? I’m from the south and not a fan of treadmills but think that might be my only option in the freezing weather! Oh no! Thanks for any advice 🙂

  2. I definitely agree that running is a great release…can’t wait til I can get back to it!
    I give you an A in stirfryology as well–looks darn tasty. Oh, and I totally read that issue of VT yesterday at the gym:)
    Love the dress, too.

  3. you need to come and make me some stir fry.

  4. Beautiful dress, Sperly!

  5. I love your philosophy – so true!

    Such a pretty dress, I hope you have tons of fun!

  6. I need me a mug like that!

  7. i definitely subsribe to that philosophy! I don’t think I could run if it didn’t make me happy. It has really changed my life and my outlook since I started.

  8. collegesenior!>> Aww – thanks!! You’re the first person that’s said that, so that made my day 😉
    RE: running during winter – I run outside. All. Winter. Long. There were only like 3 or 4 times throughout the whole season where I had to resort to the treadmill.. and that was because of wind, not cold! It takes like a week to get used to, but after that 3 degrees doesn’t seem so bad 😀

  9. That’s cute that your friend asked you to go to the prom! Your dress is beautiful. =)

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