8 servings? psh..

Fear not my blogging buddies – I’m still alive! But HOLEY SMOKES! It’s been a busy day! Let me start with the run..

So yep – 18 miles indeed. The rest of the group did 16, but since I’m running Med City too (which is one month earlier than Grandma’s) I should be at 18 by now. For those that didn’t/don’t know, I’m running Grandma’s Marathon (June 21st), and Med City Marathon (May 25th). Med City is sort of just for kicks.. and the crowd is no where near as great as at G-ma’s.. but I’m still looking forward to it. Except for the whole first half is hills.. that I could do without!

The route we did today is one I never want to do again. Seriously. Running the lakes, you can do 18 miles in no time, and you’re like – What? I’m done? This route was on paths that are meant for bikers for the most part + it was early + cold = pretty damn secluded. I love solidarity at times, but on an 18 miler I want people! 🙂 Oh. And there were NO bathroom stops along pretty much the whole thing. I can go to the bathroom three times before I leave, but my bladder cares about [—] this much. I still have to go. That picture (above) is The Depot coffee shop ~mile 7 that saved my bladder life. Good thing I stopped because that was my last chance till ~15.

One thing I need to work on is hydration while running + my sports bean/gu/supplement usage. I’ve done about a bajillion halfs, and I don’t use anything for those, but a marathon is a different story, and I know I should be drinking gatorade and doing energy replacement during the run. I’ve long ago found that Gu and I are not friends. Sports beans are OK.. but I have trouble using them because it’s just something you should do vs. something you need to do. Does anyone else run into this problem? Any advice?

Anywho, enough about that. I finally bought a lunch bag! And you’ll probably look at this thinking – Sperly! That’s a purse! But dangit I DON’T CARE because it suits my needs and I love it and it’s what I want 😀 I gotta shorten the strap, and then I’m good to go.

So post long run, my mom and I drove around Minneapolis for FOUR hours (and bless my mom’s heart for doing the driving!) for a field study I have to do for one of my classes. We still have four more hours of driving. And then I get to write a 12 page paper about it. Shoot me now. Sweet. First half of the semester we did St. Paul and it took ELEVEN hours. :O

Rest of the day I walked to Dunn Bros (above drink!)/worked/met my pops/stopped at co-op on walk home. Then I went to McDonalds with my madre 😀 Hah I feel so counter productive. Co-Op -> McDonalds. Whatever dog.. I’m a happy camper!

Just a little heads up, and I really hope this doesn’t come across as rude: If you leave me a question, and you’re like a name I’ve never seen before or you don’t have a link.. I’m much more apt to answer it if you say a little something about yourself. Even if it’s just like “hey! I’m a runner too. I was just wondering …” vs. like “do you ever rest”. I hate internet and texts because there is no tone of voice, so sometimes I take things personally when it should really just be a simple question. Again – really hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way! I really am a nice person! Just a little sensitive..

Haha I just consumed an entire 8 serving container of hummus while writing this post. (Not plain of course. With veggies!) How’d that happen? 🙂 I clearly don’t write the title till the end!


9 Responses

  1. sperly! awesome run dude. the old g/f from the pics goes to ku, so that didn’t work out. i am on the prowl right now haha.

    i hate when packacges list a couple servings when it is more like one!

  2. Congrats on your challenging run!!!

    I feel I always have to supplement the beans w/ real fruit & starches (oranges & bananas & bagel halves are my faves)… well for biking anyway 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m Amy – a runner from your soon-to-be home away from home Boston. 😀

    I’ve never done a full marathon but on my longer runs I still don’t end up drinking gatorade or using gu/sports beans/etc. When I was 14 I felt the need to eat powerbars immediately following my 1 mile track meets though. Hmm…. 😛

    I love the lunch bag, btw. It’s cute and does the job!

  4. Linds>> Do you mean like during the run you have fruit? Or when you finish..? Cause I’m a big fan of post-run smoothies.. but carrying/eating an orange while I’m looping the lakes might be a different story 😉

    Amy>> BOSTON!! Ahha I’m so excited! LOL I used to always eat a golean roll after every single practice! I still eat em all the time.. but I figured out it wasn’t some magic “after practice” super food 😀

    Are you a student/finished?

  5. Sorry abotu the previous post I did not mean tto sound rude at all,,, i was ina rush but wanted to see what your training was… I am running Boston next week so I am always super interested in others training techniques… again i understand where yoru comingf rom and apologize

  6. Wow, 18 miles! So cool! You mentioned running a bunch of 1/2 marathons. Did you use some sort of guide for training? I’d love to run one, but I definitely need to do some training. I’ve got some “old lady” hips that need some conditioning, I think.

    P.S. I’ll be at the Boston Marathon next Monday! I’m coming in on a red eye from Las Vegas that morning, so needless to say, I won’t be running! I’ll probably be enjoying a beer or 2 in the crowd! You’ll be here next year to watch/run it! 🙂

  7. Those hummus containers are so small anyway, I don’t believe they’re 8 servings!!

  8. Christie>> Don’t worry about it – that post wasn’t just directed at you! Good luck next week in Boston – that’s so exciting! I have a couple friends flying out to run it also. I wish I could be there this year!

  9. I finished my undergrad in 2004 but I’m at Suffolk doing my MBA now. 🙂

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