only 2:30??

I swear it should be like 7:00 by now. I feel like I’ve done a lot today.. but maybe not. I had a good workout this morning, but it felt way easier than usual for some reason. Hmm? Then hurried home for a speedshower before heading to campus for my one Friday class, and then back home to hurry to my MRI at noon! And now finally home. Again. Ugh.. lots of transit time today 😦 I really don’t like driving. I can’t wait till next year when I’ll be taking the subway everywhere, and won’t have to have my car!

I wont hear any results from the MRI until Monday, so I’ll just sit in a constant state of panic all weekend wait patiently.

My mom met me on campus yesterday before my appt, so I wouldn’t have to drive home and then right back. We went to NOODLES for a little 4:30-not-lunch-or-dinner food and it was fantastic as usual! Only after I ordered did I realize they have a new asparagus dish! I LOVE asparagus!! Next time..

We both ordered the Thai Curry Soup.. as usual. Only mine gets the extra hot sauce πŸ™‚ I got home around 8 and was still really feeling the Asian theme.. so for dinner I finally decided to try and make stir fry. For those of you who know me.. you know I’m comfortable with the stove. I cook all the time. But stir fry always seems so intimidating! Its like it should have rules.. but it doesn’t! I just went for it.. and it turned out GREAT!

Here, in all it’s post cooking glory. The included veggies are: 1 yellow pepper, 1/2 container of button mushrooms, a bunch of broccoli slaw, and a can of water chestnuts! I really wanted to put onion in it, but we didn’t have any so I just went with what was on hand.

A close up of one of my favorite bowls EVER.

Hahha now that I know how easy it is, I’m sure I’ll be making it all the time! My dad used to make stir fries when I was younger, and I would help, but I’m always scared I’ll set off the smoke alarm or something πŸ˜‰

The rest of the day will be homework, a run, and possibly going out with one of my LLFs (Long Lost Friends.. you know – the ones you’re still super close with but rarely get to see). I’m gonna wait a little bit to run because the guy who put my IV in during the MRI.. mmm maybe he was tired or something. But OWCH! I’ve had blood drawn and had IVs more than my share of times.. but this little bugger HURT. So when I regain mobility in my arm, a 5-7 mile run, and then working away.

Still in search of that dang perfect lunch bag!


And 7 miles it is. I thought winds had died down, but I was wrong! I guess the hard little frozen droplets of rain were just icing on the cake πŸ˜‰ I also just made a quick trip to Trader Joe’s because we needed to restock produce. FARMERS MARKET’S FIRST OFFICIAL DAY IS TOMORROW! Although I doubt we’ll be going because we usually make it a bike adventure, and tomorrow is definitely not looking bike adventure weather. And my LLF is coming over tonight! So excited!!


7 Responses

  1. Aww that is so nice you got to have lunch w/ your mom… And what a delicious lunch it looked like!!!! MMMMMMM πŸ™‚

  2. i want some asian.

  3. love the bowl. so pretty! and your lunch looks so delish. i’ve just gotten into spicey stuff and i love love love that hot sauce.

  4. Oh, that’s right… I was originally going to make stir-fry for dinner. Oops!

    Your stir-fry looks really great. I never thought of adding broccoli slaw to it, but that’s a great idea.

    I hope the results from the MRI are good. Sending good vibes your way!

  5. 45:04… not great but not bad. i think i could have done a bit better if i had not drank so much the night before lol! next time i’ll try the 3 cheese penne.

  6. why are you getting an MRI??? I had one in January and it showed a stress fracture in my pelvis…I am counting the minutes til I can run again!

  7. yummy stir fry! what kind of spices and sauces did you use?

    Also, in reponse to the TJ Hi-Fiber Cereal, if you don’t like it plain, or with milk or on yogurt- try putting it in muffins or bread! I did this with Fiber One, which is basically the same product, and it’s really yummy! Plus it pretty much gets soft and just adds some bran and fiber flavor! I think the Fiber One website has some recipes for muffins and things, but you could also try just doing a search for bran cereal or hi-fiber cereal as an ingredient in muffins/breads.

    And I adore Thai food! That looks amazing!

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