what happened to my cloud 9?

So I was all ecstatic this morning. Despite making the mistake of wearing a watch, and trusting the thermometer in my window that read 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature, I had a nice 7 mile run. Then:

– I dropped a shampoo bottle in the shower, and spit open my toe.
– I got killer stomach pains. Thanks endometriosis.
– Got a B+ back on a midterm, which being raised in my family is considered “sub par”.
– Talked to prof about said midterm, and was in turn 5 minutes late getting to my car..
– only to find a $34 parking ticket on my windshield.
– It started raining on the way home.. and I started to cry =<

The rain eventually stopped.. and being with the crew at running club made me feel better. Hill repeats helped me get my frustrations out.. and I guess I should stop crying now.

How’s that for a colorful plate Ellie Krieger? This was part 2 of dinner last night: smashed cauliflower in the mug, and a green pepper/tomato/salsa/soy cheese mixture on the right. For those of you vegans out there.. I’m telling you – Teese soy cheese is the ONLY way to go! I didn’t melt it here.. but trust me – it’s freaking fantastic. And in the background is my BFF: the camelback.

Do any of you have a good lunch bag suggestion? I tried asking over in KERF town.. and someone told me she got it from reusablebags.com but I can’t find it! I had to throw my old one out because it grew MOLD in the basement. Gross!!


4 Responses

  1. I have that exact same camelbak (down to the color!) sitting next to me and I love it dearly!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your bummer of a day! I hope your afternoon is AMAZING to compensate.

    As for lunch bags, I just bought this thing from Amazon:

    Not sure if that’s the type of thing you’re looking for, but it’s great if you have to lug your lunch around campus one day.

    Do you mind if I add you to my blog roll?

  3. Aww, sorry to hear that you’re having a bad day… but just remember, you are coming to BOSTON next year! 🙂

  4. hey! i saw your blog through Tina’s and thought I’d check it out b/c I’m new to the blog network too! I actually did the same thing you did (that is, start a blog and delete it b/c I thought it was silly). My dad’s actually an avid marathon runner (he sets the coarse for the Knoxville Marathon) AND he owns his own architect firm!^_^

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