21. miles that is.

Well.. it has been one HELL of a week. HELL as in not all bad.. but pretty dang intense. I’m still working on catching up on sleep and getting all the homework done, but at this point I feel like everything will turn out in the end! This post is covering quite a few days, so I’ll just tell a few of the week’s stories with pictures:

So I was headed out to get groceries, and I remembered I had a coupon from Lund’s for $15 off a $50 purchase, and a free reusable bag! I don’t really support Lund’s in the long run since their wayyy over priced. (lol – have you ever heard me say “from my trip to Whole Foods.” Nope!) Anyway, I get to the checkout counter, and open up my purse.. NO COUPON! And it was the last day it could be used! Story of my life. Despite being overpriced, just about everyone there is really friendly. They gave me the bag anyways 😀

It folds up really compactly, but you can fit in a TON! And it seems like a bag that will hold up, even thought it was a freebie!

On a later grocery trip, I was at the Co-Op, and I found out they had a little sale rack back by the restrooms! (Hence how I “found” it.. hehe) One of my absolute FAVORITE cereals is Kashi Vive. Actually the only Kashi cereal I like. Well the Co-Op’s distributer is not going to carry it anymore.. sale shelf it is, and three boxes for me! I also got a box of white peach Numi tea and a box of Sugar Cookie tea left over from the holidays. Everything was only $1.49 each!!

For my Arch Studio class I had to go to the Walker Art Center and copy an art piece or architectural space. It was a fun assignment.. but just even a simple painting took two hours to get a good rendering of it! This was from the New Suburban Landscapes exhibit.. I was most definitely not supposed to take a picture! Shh!

Just a pretty picture of last night’s stir fry dinner. The highlight was definitely the wilted spinach.

My first attempt at baked tofu!! A success!! It looks kinda rubbery or something, and maybe it was kinda rubbery.. but it was SO GOOD! Thanks for the tips Leng!!

My Grandparents and one of my mom’s brothers’ family came down on Saturday for a celebration – my Gpa’s 86th birthday!! I love him to death. Couldn’t ask for a better grandpa. My mom has always been great at setting table, and I just wanted to give her props because she always makes it look so nice!

And finally.. a two for one! Wasabi peas: a) My favorite snack. b) a little carrying container/purse! Hahha.. this is what happens when I have free time. We used to go through SO many containers of these, and then realized we could by them in bulk at the Co-Op. SO MUCH CHEAPER! I made one of the old cans into a little lunch tin! I gotta figure out something to do with all of the other cans we have!

This morning was my last 20+ run before Med City! I got in 21 with some people from run club. It went fine.. but no where near as fun as running with Andy! Probably because 20 with them takes a lot longer than 20 with him. Anyways, I’m feeling good and ready for the marathon! I’m debating doing this one half next weekend.. but it would be the morning after the PROM so I’d be going on like 3 hours of sleep. Ha.. could be fun 😉

payin back debt.

Ugh where’s my effin camera when I want it? Upstairs in the office, at home. 😦

Well I just woke up from a much needed 2 hour nap, and even though my body’s still in sleep debt, it was a good start at getting some hours back. I wanted to take a picture of where I slept.. hahah lame. One of the only great things about the U is that because it’s sooo big, and because there are so many commuter students, they put in a TON of chairs and couches in the student union. Seriously.. theres about a bajillion places to sleep, and some of them are even QUIET! I scored a nice big comfy chair and a big ottoman (so I could lay down) over by the bowling alley in the basement. I wouldn’t have even needed the ear plugs. 😉

So like I said, I pulled an all nighter on Monday to get this drafting project for Arch Studio done, and then the two nights after that I was up until at least 1:00 finishing a 20 page field report of Minneapolis. And I feel like I need to defend myself – it’s not like I waited till the last minute to do these. There was just that much work plus other stuff I needed to be working on before that. I guess I could have skipped run club, but I needed to keep some level of sanity.

Yikes I need to go to the bathroom, and I want to make a pit stop through starbucks before class. I’ll have to finish this post later! With pictures and a recap of the last couple days!


Arighty.. time to finish up:

This bad boy is the culprit that made me pull the all nighter on Monday. I had to skip my 1st class on Tuesday morning too so I could finish up another drawing. I don’t know if you guys can click on it and make it bigger.. otherwise it’s pretty hard to see. I’m really grateful that drafting isn’t done by hand in the real world any more. Like really really glad.

This lil guy is pretty random.. but it just so happens I really like salsa. And I happen to be pretty bomb at making my own. This is a kick ass tomatillo salsa I learned how to make way back when I was like 12 from one of my old best friends’ mom. (Is that apostrophe in the right place?) Salsa is a good combo with almost anything.. but cottage cheese is at the top of the list. I was trying to be cool artistic.. hence the candles.

It also just so happens that I really like edamame. And apparently Dora and Boots do too. BOOO on me for buying the individual packages (something I openly disapprove of), but these are soo damn cute.

Did I mention my 20 page Minneapolis Field Report? Yes I did. Well that 20 pages required driving around Minneapolis for 11 hours. I could run like 68 miles in that amount of time! I broke it up into two different outings (for the sake of my butt. Literally), and my dad and I did part II last Sunday. We went out to Noodles to fuel up for the trek. No offense pops.. but this is not a flattering picture of you – you’re hair is not really that long, and the camera is giving you way more than 10 pounds 😉

And last but not least, closing with two U of MN pics. This is the shoe tree over at the end of the Washington bridge on West Bank. There are a ton of different rumors about it’s origins, but no one really has a definite answer. My asics are too precious to leave on a dang tree if you ask me.

Here’s the view looking across the bridge from West Bank over to East Bank. A) This is a half mile bridge. It’s no wonder I get so many walking miles in – I have class on both banks every day but Friday (and Monday of course – no class). I guess the Mississippi is just pretty darn big! B) You may look at this and say why would you leave such a nice campus? Look at the blue sky, the nice buildings, the [Minnesota] nice people. Welllll.. it’s just not the school for me. I’m sure if you’ve been to college, you know the deal. If it doesn’t feel right.. it’s just not.

OHHH one more thing! I have an interview with Ellerbe Becket tomorrow afternoon! If you’ve never heard of them.. they’re a big architecture/engineering/construction/design firm.. and a pretty big deal. They have offices and have done projects all over the world, including in every flippin state in the US. Check out their website to find a project they’ve done near you!

It is time for me to sign off my dear friends. I have a couple things saved up for future posts, so keep comin back!

just barely surviving

I am still alive, I’m just super super stressed.

I pulled an all nighter last night (OK.. I slept for like an hour and a half on the futon) to get this big arch project done, and right now I’m half way done with this field report I’m writing. Not due till Thursday, but tomorrow is so packed already! 😦

I’ll update once this madness is all over (this week’s madness at least) and I get a chance to breathe!

I’m a distance kind of girl.

Heyo! I hope everyone’s Sunday is off to a lovely start! (and if not.. go grab that 2nd cup of coffee.. it’ll get there!) Sundays are my absolute favorite day of the week: running, church, family time, friend time.. it really doesn’t get any better. Today’s Sunday is gonna be pretty stressed, but in general – Sundays FTW.

So let’s get down to business:

20.2 miles. 2:39. Sports Beans. Amphipod. Shorts. Andy.

That run was AMAZING! Coming in at 2:39 puts me under 8 min pace, and we definitely weren’t pushing it. We were talking comfortably the entire time. And it went by fast.. I’ve had 12 mile runs feel longer than that!! We did one 9 mile + one 11 mile route that I do all the time, so the familiarity of it probably helped. My legs felt fine during, afterwards, and this morning. BIG confidence booster for my BQ aspirations.

We went out to Applebees around 4. Hahha this is a cute picture, but you can tell we were tired and hungry! We have that dazed look in our eyes.

Here’s my post-run hydration!

Speaking of hydration – I ran with the one amphipod and it worked well. The only bummer about it was I just had to clip it on to my shorts.. so it didn’t feel super secure, even though it was. I didn’t pick up the amphipod until after the first 9 mile loop.. but it might have gotten annoying if I had it the whole time. Oh well – it’s just a temporary solution! I’m relying on the water stops during the race and not carrying anything.. so they better be on top of their game!

This morning I still went to running club, but I only ran out 3 with them and then headed back. They’re on their 18 miler this weekend. I always do long runs with them, but they’re not my pace. That’s OK for some runs, but getting closer to race time I really need to be running for what’s going to work out for me.

Today is SUCH a busy day! As in homework from now until forever. I have 4 major things due this week, so I need to get off here and get my butt in action! Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!

so this is what a shitty day looks like.

I promise I wont rant for this entire post, but I just need this little bit:

My alarm didn’t go off. I couldn’t wash my hair post-gym/pre-class. I had to pay $2 extra for parking because I missed the time cut off by 1 minute and 17 seconds. It’s cold. It started raining within the first mile of my run. It was the only time I’ve had my mp3 player with me in over a month. I applied for something, and was seriously thinking it would be a no brainer – of course I’d get it. Wrong. My mom is out of town this weekend. It’s forecasted to rain during my 20 miler tomorrow. I have a date tonight that I don’t want to go on. At all.


And now I will stop crying because if I truly look at the day there have been very good moments. I just started a David Sedaris book at the gym and it’s hilarious. I got new contacts at my eye appointment, and my eyes are happy. I picked up my replacement pair of shoes. I’m just got back from tanning Sun tan lotion smells good.

And now for goodies:

My shoes have been in at the store for like a week, but I kept forgetting to pick them up. I’m gonna try to hold off for another couple hundred miles because honestly – I don’t have the $$ to change my shoes every flippin 400 miles! That would be new shoes EVERY SEVEN WEEKS!

Right now I run in the [used-to-be] white and gold ones. The grey and orange are currently for everyday use.. but they’ve seen their miles. They were my favorite 😀 Keepin the blue in the box until I make the switch.

So this little 8 oz. amphipod is my solution to hydrating on long runs. I. DON’T. WANT. A. FUEL. BELT. I know they’re not really that inconvenient, but I can’t even stand a freakin shirt tied around my waist! So, we’ll see how this goes. I have a 20 miler this weekend (still debating between tomorrow or Sunday) so I can give it a try. I’m also attempting to get used to using sports beans. Key word: attempting.

My buddy Andy is coming up to do the long run with me! I love my running club to pieces.. but if I do long slow runs with them, I’m going to get good at long slow runs. There’s nothing wrong with long slow runs – but it’s not my pace, and it won’t grant me my BQ.

On a different note – I made another stir fry creation for dinner last night. SO GOOD! This one had yellow and green zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes. What a talented little chem I am 😉 BTW, I am fully endorsing the Camelback here.. or any reusable water bottle. Please, take the 30 seconds, save a plastic tree, and fill up your own! (AND REMEMBER: If you have to buy a water bottle, and of course you recycle it, make sure to take the cap off before recycling because otherwise your bottle may never make it to the recycling process! I’m not sure why.. but that’s what they say!)

This time I managed to only eat half of the container of hummus. Because the first half was already eaten the day before 😀 Still one of my favorite snacks.

But definitely not as favorite as ice cream. And Fresca. Last but not least

The Tin Fish – the restaurant where I waitress – officially had the water turned on last week! (We’re only open seasonally) If anyone is coming to Minneapolis, I FULLY EXPECT a visit! The food is AMAZING.. and the view.. just look at that last picture! I LOVE closing just to see that! I’m so excited to open up! We should have our official start day within 2-3 weeks!!

coming attractions!

>> a brand new stir fry mix

>> gyms, runs, lakes, and such


>> going out to the bar.. what?!

>> and of course, all in full color 😉 you can be expecting this sometime soon, as in not now because my eyes are not even half way open.

why even bother to run..

^ If you’re not runnin’ HAPPY. (can you see it on the bottom of the glass?)

Ahh. I’m in another one of those kicks where I’m constantly reminded of how much I love running. (Hmm.. that’s been a pretty constant kick since I started running at 12. I guess we can call it permanent by now 😉 ) I’m not saying I’ve never had a run where I was feeling down or upset or angry.. but through running I always manage to acknowledge whatever I’m feeling, accept it, and move on.

Everyone has something out there in the world that can give them that kind of release – no exceptions! Running obviously isn’t key for everyone – maybe for you its yoga, biking, drawing, baking, hiking, dancing, spending time with your dog, or spending time with your kids – whatever it is.. get out there and enjoy it! If you haven’t discovered your passion yet, don’t lose faith. We don’t always get to know God’s plan ahead of time 😀

Let’s jump to some goodies before this turns into a novel:

I give myself an A in stirfryology. These are SO DAMN GOOD! I can’t decide what I like the best.. the baby corn or the mushrooms..

Same glass as the lil [big] guy up top.. it’s lemon/lime/vanilla/fantastic. Glass courtesy of City Of Lakes 25K (this one my mom ran, not me – it was in 2001!)

I donno if I mentioned this before, but I’m going to a PROM :O . One of my best guy friends is still a senior in high school, and he asked if I’d go last Sunday. I said yes of course..! I forgot that it’s kinda fun to dress up every now and then! Anywho.. I bought the dress last night! Funny.. didn’t think I’d be going to another high school dance 🙂

Running today was a blast (as it should be!) I ran down to the lake and met my friend Ali for a loop of Calhoun, so I got 2 tempo, and 3 miles “Ali Pace” 😉 This evening I ran to running club (3 miles) , and we did 4 miles together. The wind was ridiculous today (49 mph according to MPR!) but it was kinda fun. Running TO run club, the wind was at my back the whole time, and I just smiled wide at all the people coming towards me, heads ducked, arms pumping 😀 (haha I had a ride home – didn’t have to do the other side of the lake!). The run we did as a group was an out and back to the Bandshell at Lake Harriet, and luckily we got to take the wind in the face on the way OUT, so coming back was pretty sweet. Hmm.. even sweeter.. that guy I was talking about not too long ago (Mr. Too Old) ran up with me the whole time!

Don’t give props to me – I didn’t take this amazing picture. But seriously – amazing. This is the view across Calhoun at sunset (taken by zanzibar). The picture in my banner is at Harriet. That’s the one thing I’ll miss the most when I move.. Minneapolis has the most amazing lakes and parkways. Maybe I’ll end up back here to raise my family (way.. way.. WAYY down the road).

Have a lovely night ladies & gents. I’m off to make an ice cream float do homework.